Chick Lit Bee 20 Questions

I had fun participating in Chick Lit Bee’s 20 Questions feature.  Click on the link and check it out.  Chick Lit Bee, as the name suggests, writes about all things chick lit.

I Love Book Clubs

To all the book clubs out there: I recently prepared a list of questions for Things Are Going to Slide that provides a basis for a lively book club discussion.  You can read the questions here.  I am happy to attend book club meetings in person, if they aren’t too far, or via phone or Skype, if they are.  Just let me know and I’ll be there in some form or fashion.

My interview on Shaz’s Book Blog

I just finished a fun and interesting interview with Sharon of Shaz’s Book Blog.  She reviews books, interviews authors, and posts guests’ essays.

Last month I was interviewed by Isabella at Chick Lit Goddess, another great site for information about books and authors.  At, I had a lovely chat with Norm Goldman, the publisher and editor of that decade old blog.

Winston Groom praises Things Are Going to Slide

I was thrilled to hear that Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump, loved Things Are Going to Slide:

“Rangeley Wallace has beautifully rendered the texture of Southern life in this gripping tale of love, betrayal, and the strength of family.  Things Are Going to Slide is a remarkable achievement.”